Work Sample of Museum Artifact Mount

Our Approach

Our Story

Hyla is a woman-owned company formed by Kelly and Jerry Wysocki in 2018. The name Hyla came to them after noticing the tree frogs around their shop. (Hyla is the tree frog genus name) They were perfectly camouflaged and able to grip any surface, exactly the qualities we strive for with our mounts.

Our Story

Meet the Team

We take great pride in our capabilities for artifact mounting, and we also strive to work as efficiently as possible to keep your project on budget and on-time.

Kelly Wysocki

Founder & CEO

Kelly Wysocki came to mountmaking after seeing the work Jerry was doing and noticing shared skill sets. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from Murray State University in Kentucky.

A good eye for fine detail, precise color-matching ability and an appreciation for the objects in a collection are part of Kelly’s value to the team.

Jerry Wysocki

Vice President

Jerry Wysocki majored in Ceramics and Functional Design in college. After careers in home building, finish carpentry and antique auto restoration he answered an online ad for a mount maker.

Turned out that all the talents he’d perfected in other trades translated perfectly into making and installing mounts. His passion for the job and efficient work ethic make Hyla the strong company that they are.